Replacing Broken Trench Drain Grates? Consider these 3 Key Factors

A broken trench drain may seem like a minor issue but can become bad news very quickly. It can lead to property damage, personal injuries, and a number of extra costs. It is a problem that, if left unaddressed, can turn into an absolute nightmare.

The good news is that replacing a broken trench drain can be a straightforward process. One needs to start by knowing the potential issues and figuring out exactly what to look out for. This can put you on the path to quickly and effectively solving your broken trench drain problem.

Replacing Broken Trench Drain Grates

If one has broken trench drain grates, it might be tempting to ignore the problem, thinking it’s not too bad. However, a broken trench drain grate can lead to other issues, making a fully working trench drain crucial for any landscape. If the drain is damaged, it might not be able to block debris from entering the channel.

Armani HotelA well-functioning trench drain grate is key to protecting a structure’s foundation from excess water.

A clogged drain can cause water to pool near the foundation or other parts of a structure, leading to costly damage. It can also endanger the rest of the landscape while also making it unsightly and unusable. Pooled water can encourage the growth of moss and algae in some areas, causing a foul odour. Plus, standing water can reduce the amount of usable space and encourage mosquitos, which can be a health hazard for people.

The hazards of broken trench grating aren’t limited to those from excess water. A broken grate can be dangerous to pedestrians and vehicles. A pedestrian could step on a grate and have it crack. If this leads to injury due to a fall, one could face legal issues. In the same way, a broken grate could fail under the weight of a vehicle, resulting in severe damage.

1. Application

If one needs to replace broken trench drain grates, it’s important to choose new ones well suited for the application. This means considering the application, inflow of water, and traffic that the drain grates will need to support. Trench grates that are located in areas with large amounts of rainfall need to be able to drain large amounts of water quickly and efficiently.

Heavy-duty trench drain grates may be a wise solution in these areas. Even those in areas with less excess water should be chosen to handle the maximum amount of water they may receive.

The traffic that is expected to travel over the trench grates also needs to be taken into account when choosing grates. If the correct load capacity is not determined, the trench drain grate can crack or break.

A trench grate placed in a home’s driveway may only need to support passenger vehicles and pedestrians. However, those installed in a commercial area with higher and heavier traffic may need grates with an increased load capacity. In these circumstances, heavy-duty trench drain grates may be considered.

Gardens by the BayWhen choosing a replacement grate, the type of traffic travelling over a trench drain grate is a crucial factor.

2. Material

The material that replacement trench grates are made of affects their longevity and look. It can even make a space more usable. The environment and location of the trench grating should be considered when choosing a material. The material that replacement trench grates are made of affects their longevity and look. It can even make a space more usable. The environment and location of the trench grating should be considered when choosing a material for the new trench grates. Certain materials are more prone to breaking and damage. Plastic grates may be a low-cost option, but they can break years ahead of other materials. Similarly, cast iron grates can corrode over time, leading to early replacement.

However, Jonite’s reinforced stone is a robust and durable material that can last for years to come.

This material can stand up to harsher elements while staying strong during freeze-thaw cycles.  It is corrosion-resistant, a characteristic that leads to longer-lasting grates with less maintenance. At the same time, it reduces the amount of ambient heat and does not heat up as much in the sun. This can make the area much more enjoyable to use.

Tampines Mall-1Reinforced stone grates are perfect for improving the usability and look of a landscape or hardscape.

Jonite’s reinforced stone is also a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing look. One can customize the colour, texture, and slot design of the grate of this premium material. The result looks great in any landscape or hardscape.

3. Installation

Finally, one needs to consider how the new trench grates will be replaced. Improper installation can lead to future broken trench drain grates. The drain channel needs to be stable enough to support the grate and any traffic travelling over it. Using the suitable materials in the drain channel gives the drain extra support that can fend off settling and the force of traffic above.

If one is replacing broken trench drain grates, the process may be different from installing brand new ones. The existing channel may need to be replaced or stabilized before a new grate is added. The installer should create a plan that will allow the trench grates and channel drain to work together in harmony.

Curved Trench GratesReplacing broken trench drain grates may require different methods of installation than installing new grates.

Solve your broken trench drain grate problems

Broken trench drain grates can lead to serious problems. However, if they are taken care of quickly, these problems can be eliminated. Just remember that it’s vital to consider the application, materials, and installation when replacing broken trench drain grates.