Common Preconceptions About Trench Grates


A trench grate, otherwise known as a channel grate or trench drain, is a particular form of floor drain that contains a prominent trough or channel-shaped body. It assists in the rapid evacuation of surface water or chemical spills. Trench grates are omnipresent. They can be found anywhere from roadsides to public toilets and parks, right up to the comfort of your own home.


Trench grates along pathway Trench grates along a pathway



A common question asked by many, “Why do I need a trench grate in my house?” There are three popular responses to these queries.

  1. Prevention of over-accumulation of water

    Trench grates in your home are designed to drain rainwater. A good trench grate must have enough open areas to prevent over-accumulation of water in your drainage system, which may lead to some form of flooding.

  2. Prevention of Soil Erosion

    Preventing water accumulation or flooding in your home can help reduce the probability of soil erosion in your home landscapes. Accumulated water over time can lead to soil degradation, which in turn can lead to soil erosion.

  3. Encourage Healthier Living

    A sound drainage system with trench grates can help promote a healthier environment in your home. With free-flowing drainage, we can reduce the probability of blocked waste or sediments, which in turn prevent the infestation of pests like mosquitos or rodents.

Trench grates are not only used in residential homes but can also be commonly found in hotels, schools, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.


Drainage gaps closeup Close-up view of water drainage gaps on a trench grate



One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the length and size of trench drains. Sizes and dimensions can differ from manufacturer to manufacturer although there are a few standard sizes, namely, 26 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 40 inches, 44 inches, 46 inches, 52 inches, and 68 inches. Custom sized shower drains, 10 inches by 10 inches long can also be made. In terms of materials, gratings are usually made of heavy gauge stainless steel although alternative options like stone gratings are available.


Stainless steel trench grate Heavy gauge stainless steel trench grate



Another collective inquiry is whether decorative designs and options are available for strainer grates. The answer to this is yes. Specially customized trench drains are not limited to strainer grates. Stone trench grates are installed across a wide variety of platforms including for use as floor traps, sump covers, and tree grates. Unlike the conventional utilitarian trench covers, stone gratings can have any design of your choice carved into them. Cool, sleek, industrial, retro, or traditional, you can design the stone grates to your style preference.


Decorative stone grates at entrance Decorative stone grates lining backyard entrance