Why Drainage is Crucial for Features with Trench Grating & Fountain Covers

A fountain can instantly turn a drab urban landscape into something spectacular. It is capable of adding playful fun or stately elegance to a space. It can even help provide a destination point for locals, especially in the summer.

However, dealing with the water coming from the fountain or other water features can be a problem. The water exiting the fountain needs to be collected and redirected. In addition, excessive water also needs to be controlled. This makes properly utilizing trench grating and fountain covers essential in maintaining this type of water feature.

Trench Grating & Fountain Covers

Moving parts of perimeter installations need maintenance throughout the year to prevent degradation and loss of use. For example, it’s important to apply lubricant three or four times a year to bollards with moveable parts. Occasionally debris may get into below-ground bollard receivers. If this happens, simply vacuum the debris out to reduce possible damage.

Replacing accessories on the perimeter

Water features deal with running water as their most basic function. However, managing the water itself can be tricky, especially when it’s in motion. When water is propelled into the air or falls from one location to another, not all of it will go where it should. Wind, debris, animals, or even people can disrupt and alter the flow of the water.

Water Feature Drainage-2Moving water from water features requires an efficient drainage system.

This is why it is important to have a large area to catch this water and a drainage system that will be able to handle it. A network of linear surface drains and fountain drains are specifically a good choice for transporting water away from places where it shouldn’t be.

Trench grates and fountain covers work together to help with the drainage and maintenance of a fountain or water feature. They provide a covering that keeps the necessary but unsightly elements of a water feature hidden. Instead of looking at a large system of drains and waterways, visitors can simply focus on the beauty of the feature itself.

On top of all of this, grates like these prevent debris from entering the system. This helps keep the channel or fountain pump clear, maintaining the efficiency of the entire system.

Advantages of Our Trench and Fountain Grating

When it comes to trench and fountain grating, quality is important, in order to emphasize both beauty and durability. However, it is especially true when dealing with water features. Water is a corrosive element that can wear away some materials over time. Cheap metals may be fine in some cases but when next to water they may rust before they have a chance to really serve their purpose.

Jonite’s reinforced stone material is resistant to corrosion and damage. It is a great choice for projects near water and where longevity is desirable. In addition, our trench and fountain grating offers many other advantages. The strong reinforced stone material is easy to maintain while still looking beautiful. It is a great option in public settings, where maintenance should be minimized while beauty is maximized.

Reinforced Stone in Child Play AreaReinforced stone is a safe and comfortable material for areas where little feet play.

Reinforced stone also absorbs less heat than metal. This makes it a great choice for water features that also serve as play areas or where anyone may end up passing through in bare feet.

Utilizing Trench Grating & Fountain Covers

Trench grating and fountain covers can be helpful in both public and residential spaces. Trench grating and fountain covers can help open a space. They push the drainage elements of a water feature below ground, thus leaving the space surrounding the water feature free. 

This allows traffic to flow through the area. Both pedestrians and vehicles can pass over the covers unimpeded. Situations like these can make a public environment both dazzling and accessible. For example, a large water feature could be installed in front of a building, instantly impressing visitors while still allowing them to walk in the front door.

Hutchinson Shore Linear DrainsLinear drains efficiently remove excess water from water features while also adding beauty.

Factors to Consider with Trench Grating & Fountain Covers

Prominent factors like drainage capacity, quality, and practicality are important when considering trench grating and fountain covers. However, it is just as important to consider the smaller details as well.

In areas where accessibility is a concern, special accommodations may need to be made. For example, heel-proof or ADA-compliant grates may be necessary, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic.

An additional accessibility concern may come from the type of traffic passing over the grating. If vehicles, will be driving over them, then the grates will need to have an adequate load capacity for those types of vehicles.

Outside of practical details, aesthetic details should also be considered. The visuals within a landscape should be in harmony with each other. This is why it is a good choice to go with a grating provider who offers a range of choices for colour, texture, and design. Custom fountain drain grates can be matched with custom trench drain grates and other drainage options to create a cohesive look. One can even create fountain patterns using the drain grating itself.

Curved Trench GratesJonite’s trench drains can be made to fit curves and other irregular shapes and can even be used to create designs.

Additional aesthetic considerations may also be necessary depending on the location. Some landscapes may require curves or other unorthodox shapes. It is important to pick a grating that can accommodate shapes like these, such as Jonite’s custom reinforced stone gratings.

Final Thoughts

Trench grating and fountain covers are the perfect combination to make a fountain or water feature look beautiful and function efficiently. But it’s important to choose a strong grating that offers the material and options you need. Let Jonite’s reinforced stone trench grating and fountain covers enhance your landscape.