Stone Grate Options Are Growing

Years ago, iron, plastic, and similar materials were the only options for grates used in hardscapes. These materials can get the job done but may present problems that make them less than ideal in a variety of situations. 

However, stone grates open a new avenue of options. Reinforced stone grates are slip-resistant and heat-resistant. Plus, they are corrosion-resistant and long-lasting. These factors make them perfect for a variety of applications.

As stone grates have become more popular, the number of available options has also grown. Reinforced stone, whether it comes in the form of trench grates, tree grates, pool grates, or sump covers, can better meet the specific needs of a landscape. For each of these types of grates, there are even more options available.

Decorative Trench Drain Grate Options

Reinforced stone works perfectly for decorative trench drain grates. It’s easy to create the perfect look for the landscape due to the decorative options available for these grates.

Custom trench grates

The decorative design options of trench drains continue to grow, including colour and slot design.

The consumer can choose a custom colour to match the surrounding area. They can also choose from a variety of slot designs, many of which help emphasize a specific aesthetic in the area. These options allow the grate to flow within the hardscape while also matching with other grates in the area.

Practical Trench Grate Options

Trench drain grates also have customization options that make the grates easy to use and practical. Many models are available to be ADA compliant or with heel proof slots, both of which make pedestrian traffic more accessible.

If vehicles need to travel over the grate, such as in a driveway, it is important to choose a load rating that will support the expected vehicles. This can be easily achieved when customizing the grates.

Trench grates can also be customized in the size and shape that they are created. This option means they can fit curves and other non-standard shapes within the landscape, creating a drainage system that looks good and works efficiently.

Stone Tree Grate Options

The stone grate options available for tree grates are also growing. Like with trench grates,  designers need to consider pedestrian needs for tree grates. They come in varieties that are ADA compliant or that are wheelchair friendly. They are also available in custom colours and designs to match a landscape’s aesthetic.

Wheel tree grates

Unique design elements of tree grates can be used to create a focal point in the landscape.

However, tree grates are unique in that they hold a living plant, one that needs to stay alive. The heat-resistant nature of reinforced stone helps with this from the very start. However, an expandable inner diameter is another option in keeping a tree healthy as it grows. This makes it easy to meet the growing tree’s spatial needs.

Other options for tree grates also focus on the tree itself. Light ports and custom logos can be added to take advantage of the tree’s prominent position in a landscape. Meanwhile, lockable options can prevent theft of the grate itself. 

Other Stone Grate Options

Another popular type of stone grate is a pool grate. A pool is a place where safety and comfort are both essential elements of landscape design. Heat-resistant reinforced stone helps with this already, as less heat makes a grate safer and more comfortable to walk across, but additional options are available that help even more. 

Choosing a slip-resistant option helps maintain traction in this area. Meanwhile, smaller slot designs, like the avant-garde rain slots available in Jonite’s drains, will help keep toes from getting caught in the slots. These help in making sure the environment around the pool is relaxing and stress-free. 

In a different way, sump covers, sometimes also known as maintenance hole covers, need just as many practical options. Some covers are much larger than others and may need accommodations in order to make them cost-effective and sustainable. Metal sub-frames can also be used for multiple sump covers, making them very sturdy. Plus, as access may be a concern when it comes to sump covers, hinged and locking options are available. These options help make this type of grate useful in a variety of different situations.

Custom sump covers

Because of growing options, even sump covers can become practical yet beautiful additions to the landscape.

The options for these stone grates are not just limited to the practical, as there are plenty of visual advantages too. Reinforced stone works great for pools because it has a low water absorption rate compared to natural stone. Because of this, the grate’s colour will not fade over time. Meanwhile, unique slot designs can turn a typically drab sump cover into an artistic element of the landscape. Both grates also come in different colours and designs, which can be perfectly matched to other grates in a larger drainage system.

Final Thoughts

Reinforced stone grates offer a great material to use for decorative trench drain grates, tree grates, pool grates, and sump covers. The material itself is a great choice, but the options available when using it make it even better. This can help landscapers find new choices or discover more solutions for their next project.