The Next Big Thing in Decorative Trench Grates

In the past, trench drain grates were a matter of practicality, not beauty. They served their purpose in covering a channel where water was moved, but they were not exactly a visual delight. Over time, some progress in design was made but, trench grates remained largely utilitarian grates of cast iron or plastic. Now, the game has changed.

New levels of customization have elevated decorative trench drain grates to the point where they can become an aesthetic complement to any landscape. They still serve their original utilitarian purpose, but now they look good while doing so. Having a full range of customizable options can allow decorative trench drain grates to become an integral part of the scenery and design.

Marine Cove Trench Grates

Customizable decorative trench grates serve both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes.


Aesthetic options for decorative trench grates

The most significant change when it comes to modern decorative trench grates is in the number of aesthetic options that are available. Modern trench grates come in a variety of colors, are available in different designs, and can include small details that have a significant impact on their overall appeal.

For many years, most drain grates were limited to a simple selection of mostly metallic colors. Today, Jonite offers grates in over a dozen different colors, from white to grey or yellow to black, allowing everyone to choose a color that will blend in with the surrounding landscape. Alternatively, you can select a color that will pop and become a focal point, depending on your specific landscaping requirements.

In addition, it’s possible to select a design for the open areas in a drain. Traditional linear slots are available and are as effective as ever. However, you can now choose more intricate designs such as keyholes or interlace. There are also more abstract patterns, including avant-garde rain motifs or nature-inspired floral designs.

Singapore Polytechnic Trench Grates

Unique designs like a rain motif can bring a unique flair to hardscape designs.


Seemingly small details can also make an impact on the design of the trench grate. Trimmers can be added for additional aesthetics. The texture can also be customized to meet the needs of the design.

Practical customization for decorative trench drain grates

The aesthetics of the trench drain grates are not the only customizable part. The practical needs of the grate can also be customized to meet the needs of the specific location.

Sometimes a particular project requires a drain grate of unusual or atypical size. Jonite’s decorative trench drain grates can be made to specific dimensions for an application. If the area requires odd shapes or sizes, construction resources won’t be wasted on extra material and installation. The grates can also be created with custom curves if needed.

E-Bridge Curved Trench Grates
Decorative trench grates can be created with custom curves.

The location and use of a grate may also necessitate other customization options. In some areas, lockable grates can be a great addition. Heel proof grates are excellent for pedestrian areas and are perfect when paired with Jonite’s already slip-proof reinforced stone.

The traffic over the area should be considered when customizing grates as well. Load class ratings should be chosen based on use. However, these can be tailored more individually as well if needed.

Incorporating decorative grates into the landscape

The level of customizability seen in modern decorative trench drain grates allows them to be more easily incorporated into a variety of different landscapes. An artistic landscape in a heavily traveled urban area may suit trench grates with bright colors and practical features that better accommodate foot traffic. Meanwhile, a more industrial environment may suit a higher-performance design with a subdued color palette. Whatever the requirement, new levels of customizability can blend aesthetic appeal with practicality.

This is also important when fitting a trench drain grate within a more extensive drainage system. Decorative trench grates can be matched in color, design, and texture with other grates, such as tree grates. This creates a seamless look throughout the landscape. Or, they can be mixed and matched in order to complement or contrast each other, while still keeping a well-integrated look. All of Jonite’s additional grates can be customized with a wide array of options to blend everything better together.

South Beach Ventillation Grates

Decorative trench grates can be customized to match with other grates, such as ventilation grates.


Making it all fit together

Whatever needs to be customized in your decorative trench drain grates, it’s important to make sure it all fits together to suit the location’s needs.

The Jonite design team will help walk you through the customization process. They will discuss your plans and goals so they can create a design concept that meets your needs while being feasible and efficient. This process will ensure your trench drain grates are customized to precisely the specifications needed.

Custom Solutions

Many options are available to choose from during the customization process.


Final thoughts

Modern innovations in landscape design should not be ignored by anyone with interest in improving their surroundings. This includes changes for decorative trench drain grates. New customization options allow these types of grates to look better, fit a specific project more effortlessly, and generally better complement the landscape in which they are placed. These advances are positive all around and can help improve the general appeal of any project.