Linear Drains Offer a Modern Look and Simplified Accessibility

When picking a drainage system for a property, one of the most straightforward and effective approaches can be found through a linear drain system. Linear drains allow water to rapidly flow from an area, keeping it dry and accessible. They can be used in a variety of environments, including cityscapes, driveways, and even interior spaces.

But, linear drains, such as trench or channel drains, are not just utilitarian. They can be easily adapted to meet the specific style of the area they’re being installed in. They offer a modern, clean look with simplified accessibility and care.  

Modern design elements in a trench drain grate

Straight lines may feel like an unassuming piece of design, but no one should ever undercut their importance. Lines offer psychological benefits that go far beyond what one would expect. A line can form a point of contact between two places, it can work as a visual barrier between two distinct features, and it can even fool the eye into thinking something is larger than it actually is. 


lined tiles in garden Straight lines can be used in a variety of ways in a modern landscape.


All of these factors can be taken into consideration and used by linear drains. A trench drain can indicate a connection between two buildings or points of interest in a cityscape. It can also visually separate two halves of a well-laid out hardscape or visually reinforce the edge of a pathway. Linear drains running down a yard can even give the impression that the area is longer or wider than it is in reality. Drains like these are the perfect way to emphasize design elements in a landscape effortlessly. 

On top of all of this, linear drains offer plenty of aesthetic charm all on their own. The long channel design offers crisp lines that pair well with a modern, clean style. Because these drains are simple and relatively unassuming, they can easily be paired with more specific drainage solutions, like tree grates, to address the requirements of particular areas. 

The grate capping a linear drain provides another avenue of expression. A simple slot design may work for some landscapes, but more elaborate designs may work in others. You only need to decide what type of grate works for your project. 


lined drains with plants Linear drains offer clean lines that pair well with modern styles.


In addition, grates made of reinforced stone, such as Jonite’s trench drain grates, even come in customizable colors. You can choose a color that blends into the surroundings or one that pops and creates a focal point. You can even work with a custom designer to select the color and design that is perfect for your space.

Trench drain grate manufacturers offer improved options

Traditional trench drain grates feature problems that are better dealt with by modern producers. Material like reinforced stone contains a combination of natural stone and hybrid polymers that gives the grates major benefits over traditional materials such as cast iron or plastic. 

From a practical standpoint, reinforced stone prevents the unnecessary heating found in many metal grates. From a visual standpoint, it offers a premium look that is unmatched by plastic grates. Since they are also rust and corrosion resistant, they stay stronger and look nice longer than the alternatives. 


armani hotel dubai trench grates Customizable trench drain grates allow for many design options such as this one at the Armani Hotel Dubai.


Plus, manufacturers like Jonite offer customizable design elements that match the properties discussed above. Available colors range from ivory white terracotta red, with many colors in between. Meanwhile, grate designs range from the classic and clean-cut slotted approach to avant-garde designs that are “reminiscent of rain motifs.” Whatever your style preference, modern trench grate manufactures are able to provide it. 

Simplified accessibility of linear trench drains

Linear drains are also some of the most accessible drains to utilize, as they require less maintenance than some other drains. The most obvious advantage is that the lack of bends, curves, or sharp corners prevents debris from excessively piling up inside a linear drain. Unimpeded water flow is better able to move material down the line. This reduces the amount of maintenance needed for the drain system. 

Along with this, linear drains are also easier to clean. When debris does manage to pile up, someone working to clean a trench drain simply has to move along the length of the channel and remove the obstructions. This is easier because the uniform edges allow tools to move smoothly across, and the lack of complications prevents debris from becoming tightly entangled. A simplified cleaning process means even less maintenance in a system that already requires less maintenance.


linear drains Linear drains are easy to care for, but newer materials offer more benefits than traditional ones.


This maintenance burden can be further reduced if one chooses a durable grate covering. For example, Jonite’s reinforced stone grates have been used in environments with both extreme temperature and humidity without known problems. Choosing a durable grate prevents one from having to replace it as often and, thus, creates less work for the owner. 

Final Thoughts

The visual and practical appeal of linear drains makes them a perfect drainage solution for modern hardscapes. When combined with modern material and aesthetic flourishes, they can be both easily accessible and attractive. This combination makes trench drains an ideal addition for spaces that need drainage solutions.