Benefits of Street Furniture


Street furniture can transform and enhance an outdoor space. If you're looking to design a community area, knowing the importance of durable furnishings will help you create the most impactful experience for those who will use it. 

Whether your goal is to beautify a space or improve its functionality, street furniture is an excellent way to attract more people to a specific community. 

Let's explain why you need street furniture and the considerations for choosing the best options. 

What Is Street Furniture?

Street furniture refers to various fixtures and amenities added to a public or semi-public outdoor space. These furnishings typically fall into the following categories.

  • Rest: Chairs, benches and picnic tables all offer a place for pedestrians to sit and take a break for a moment. 
  • Navigation: Different types of directional signage help people navigate a community, whether they are driving or walking. Informative signs can teach tourists facts about the area.
  • Waste management: Trash cans and recycling bins make it easier for people to dispose of things like empty water bottles, dog waste bags or food wrappers. These furnishings promote healthier, more hygienic spaces. 
  • Safety: Street furniture can also improve overall safety. For example, bollards create a much-needed barrier between sidewalks and roadways. 
  • Lighting: Incorporating lighting like street lamps or illuminated bollards in outdoor areas is an ideal way to enhance safety. 
  • Temporary shelter: Bus stop shelters and shade structures offer protection from the elements, including sunshine, precipitation and wind. 
  • Recreation: Other types of street furniture are for recreational purposes. Bike racks, fitness equipment and interactive games can support various fun activities. 

Don't overlook the importance of street furniture and all the fantastic benefits it can provide for a community.

How Street Furniture Enhances Spaces

Street furniture can elevate any outdoor space. Explore these distinct advantages of installing different fixtures in your community project.

Enhancing Comfort and Convenience 

Street furniture, especially seating, is one of the best ways to make an outdoor area more comfortable. You can design a space to maximize convenience with strategically placed waste containers and relaxing spots. Pedestrians can enjoy eating at picnic tables at lunchtime or sitting on benches between visits to local stores. 

Outdoor furnishings can encourage people to stay in the area longer, which is an advantage for local businesses trying to increase foot traffic. 

Creating Aesthetically Pleasing Spaces

Another perk of having street furniture is improving an outdoor space's appearance. You can incorporate elements that make the areas look more attractive and exciting.

The materials you use and how you position the furniture can elevate the community's aesthetics and create a more sophisticated look. The design style will also contribute to the area's overall identity. 

Street furniture directly influences the vibe and ambiance. For example, imagine how modern stainless steel bollards would create an entirely different effect than brightly colored ones. 

Supporting Social Interaction and Inclusivity

Street furniture can bring people together. For example, benches and picnic tables can offer a space for community members to interact with one another and create meaningful connections.

You must design outdoor spaces with inclusivity and accessibility in mind. Incorporating street furniture that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act allows more visitors and residents of the neighborhood to enjoy it.

Boosting Sustainability 

Street furniture can promote more sustainable practices in a couple of ways. Firstly, waste bins allow people to easily throw away trash, helping minimize litter and creating a healthier environment for people, animals and wildlife. 

Secondly, furniture made from sustainable materials like stone or metal is better for the planet than wooden alternatives. Stone also tends to be more durable and long-lasting. 

incorporating street furniture that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act

Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Public Spaces 

Before deciding on the perfect outdoor furniture pieces for your public space, explore the following factors.


The space's primary purpose is the first factor to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. Are you looking to create an area where people will congregate and hang out? Or are you looking to illuminate and decorate an attractive spot for those passing through? 

Function will be a critical deciding factor when picking out each element. Define the space's overall goal before narrowing down your options. 


Aesthetics is another critical factor to consider. The furniture pieces you include will directly influence how the space looks. Choose items that complement the local architecture and create your desired visual effects. Consider what colors, materials and other custom elements can do for your outdoor area. 

How you position street furniture is a critical design element. When planning the layout, be sure to think strategically to offer optimal comfort and convenience. 


Street furniture must be durable enough to withstand frequent use and environmental exposure. It is essential to find options that can support years of weather conditions and community use. Materials like concrete or wood are easier to vandalize and harder to maintain compared to stone and metal. 

Accessibility and Safety

Creating a safe, inclusive space should be a priority for any architect, engineer or designer. Street furniture is an incredible way to make any area more accommodating and protective.

From directional signs to bollards to lighting, urban furniture can improve how an outdoor space flows. They also offer a safer environment for those driving, walking or biking through. 


Sustainability is an additional consideration when choosing outdoor furniture. From sourcing raw materials to throwing out old street furniture items, you should think about the planet at every stage of development. 

Work with street furniture manufacturers that prioritize the environment and actively work to lessen their carbon footprint. Your community and the planet will thank you. 

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