Beginner's Guide To Urban Landscaping

The landscape is key to transforming the urban experience. Green roofs, pollinator-friendly plantings, dynamic public, and private gardens work simultaneously to provide us with a more livable environment and help individuals to forge a relationship with nature. We have all come across an overgrown, cluttered, vacant city lot at some point in our lives. These visual signs can transform the most beautiful of neighborhoods into an unclean or even unsafe looking area. Fortunately, there is nothing that little urban landscape design cannot fix.


unkempt alley An unkempt alley


Urban landscape design takes a piece of land regardless of its size and then analyses and evaluates it before finally beautifying the space. Throughout the entire process, designers are required to put effort into maintaining or increasing the functionality of a specific area to make it usable for both humans and animals alike. Execution has to be cost-effectively.

Urban landscaping is not a simple task. Urban landscape design entails a range of specialists gleaned from architects, surveyors, landscape designers, greenskeeper, and conservationists. Those in the profession work hand-in-hand to create a space that will solve an underlying problem, promote the surroundings as well as enhance or maintain the natural environment such as waterways.


urban landscape of Dresden Germany Urban Landscape of Dresden, Germany


Urban landscapes in the present day also refer to spaces meant for preserving natural resources while creating a habitable environment for the human and wildlife populations. They may encompass features such as the preservation, restoration, and creation of parks, nature centers, recreational areas, and wildlife refuges. Urban landscapes may also be present in the areas of maintaining and increasing watershed health and viability, sustaining forested and agricultural lands in addition to promoting safer drinking water.


High Line Linear Park in NYC The High Line Linear Park, located in Manhattan, New York City


Hence with the integration of nature into urban areas, we can beautify our surroundings. At the same time, create an environment where we come into contact with nature, benefit wildlife, and ensure a healthier atmosphere for our future generations. Urban landscape design is particularly crucial in an era of global change. Landscapes must be designed to tackle modern-day and keep up an ever-evolving environment.