5 Pools In Florida That Balance Form And Function

Considering how Florida is the warmest of the fifty states in America, what better way is there to cool down on a hot Sunday's afternoon than chilling out in a pool?

A pool is an excellent addition to a building’s aesthetic, and it needs to be well maintained. One such way is having overflow pool grates along the perimeter of the pool. Pool grates serve the purpose of keeping debris away from the drainage, managing water overflow so it does not spill over to the deck, and so much more.

Although pool grates serve multiple purposes, their design is also extremely crucial. After all, a grate's design and appearance can either enhance or detract from the pool's appearance, such as the material used. Sustainability is a trend in architecture, so it would make sense for the grates to be made of sustainable materials such as bamboo, mycelium or stone. 

The article gives an overview of five pools that have incorporated Jonite's sustainable pool grates to achieve a balance of form and function.  

Aura Boca Colonnade

night shot of a swimming poolA calm and peaceful pool with the relaxing sensation

Beautifully designed, the Aura Boca Colonnade is a residence with striking aesthetics. With its palette of white, grey, and yellow, and the green of the decorative fauna, the building breathes life into the space. This creates a joyful atmosphere that anyone can enjoy. Additionally, the building has a pool and a recreational area, decorated with more plants where residents can unwind.

The pool harmonizes with its surroundings. Using the baby pebble collection grates from Jonite, it is both separate and part of the building’s aesthetic. The segregation from the grates’ design creates a decorative perimeter around the pool, with the colour uniting the pool with the aesthetic and palette of the surroundings.

Marina Bay 880 Clearwater

Clear and tranquil poolA blue crystal clear pool, mirroring the azure blue of the skies

Located by clear blue waters, the Marina Bay 880 Clearwater is both a residence and a harbour. The residence consists of eight townhouses and two midrise apartments, all of which face the azure waters of the harbour and the constant flow of boats entering and leaving. In addition to the environment, the residence is decorated with small trees to add greenery and diversity. Additionally, residents have access to a gym to keep fit and a swimming pool, where they can cool off on hot days and enjoy the view.

The pool, although small and simple, is pleasing to look at. The colour combination of the baby pebble collection grates and pool creates a calm sensation. Placing the grates between the blue strips creates a unique perimeter, where the patterns compliment one another. In addition, the colour of the grate, pool and water, unite together to help each other blend into the surrounding deck, creating a cohesive flow of colours.





night shot of a relaxing pool

A relaxing pool surrounded by decorative fauna

Surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery, the Edge75 features comfy residences. The residential community also has amenities, such as an outdoor barbeque area, a sheltered pantry and recreational activities. In addition, Edge75 features a pool for people to enjoy.

It's hard to beat a big and spacious pool for relaxing and enjoying. Decorated with the baby pebble collection grates, the pool has a stunning presence to it. By combining the design and the colour of the grates with the brick-like border, they create a unique enclosure around the pool. As the grates complement the pool, they also assist the decorative plants and trees in bringing life to the deck.

Marina del Mar

a beach themed pool deocrated with palm treesRelax by a beach-themed pool with the comfy beach chairs

If you love the beach, this luxury apartment is the perfect choice. Marina del Mar is located next to a beach where families and friends can enjoy time together. Apart from the beach, the Marina del Mar also offers clubrooms, a cybercafé, a fitness centre, and a swimming pool.

The Marina del Mar is all about the coast, and their pool is no exception. Decorated with palm trees and the baby pebble collection grates, the pool creates the sense of being at the beach. As the grates enhance the look of the pool deck, the trees and deck chairs create a tranquil atmosphere. Additionally, the aesthetic elements of the entire pool create a unique synergy with one another.

Paseo De La Rivera

A tranquil pool with a beautiful viewA tranquil pool for residents to enjoy the beautiful green scenery

The Paseo De La Rivera is a luxurious condominium that boasts a grand presence. The trees and greenery that surround the building, paired with the building’s aesthetic, creates an extravagant aura. In addition, when the sun sets, the building is illuminated by beautiful night lights placed perfectly to create an atmosphere fit for a king. The building also has a pool that is simple yet has sophisticated designs due to the use of the chiselled rain grates from Jonite, to create an eye-catching perimeter. Although the grate’s design is a stark contrast from the design aesthetic of the pool, it blends with its surroundings with its colour that matches the architecture’s palette.

There is no doubt that pool grates have an essential role to play when it comes to a pool’s overall functionality. But it is also important to know how pool grates can contribute to the pool’s aesthetic. They can be so much more and bring life to the pool itself and the surroundings. They are not simply for the functional purpose of filtering and managing water. They can be used as a design element of the entire architecture!